Manufacturer approved repairs

Manufacturer approved repair methods:

As vehicles become more sophisticated and technologically advanced, repairing them after an accident can be a challenge for the average repairer.

Vehicle manufacturers are using more advanced materials and constructions techniques to make their vehicles lighter, safer and more fuel efficient. as the technology and materials become more complex, repairing them correctly become critical to maintaining the manufacturers’ safety and performance capabilities.

At Kilburn Crash, we use vehicle manufacturer approved methods to repair your vehicles to pre-accident condition. By sourcing the right parts and the right materials we can ensure we have the right gear to do the job. With access to the manufacturers repair procedures and processes, we can provide the safest, highest quality repairs possible.

At KCR, you can trust us to repair your vehicle to manufacturers specifications using the worlds most advanced equipment and materials.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, for your piece-of-mind:

Modern motor vehicles are all fitted with a range of sophisticated on-board computer systems. These systems control every electronic system in your vehicles. From the self leveling head lamps to the stability and traction control systems. Electrical interference, damaged components or malfunctioning modules all have the potential to disrupt your vehicles sophisticated electrical systems. After a collision, minor repairs or vehicle maintenance, it is crucial that these computers are checked to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic computer allows us to check and ensure crucial safety systems and vehicle control systems are operating correctly.

Capable of interfacing with all over 40 brands of motor vehicles, our state of the art computer scanning equipment can interface with almost every vehicle in the Australian market. This specialised unit allows us to read, diagnose and repair any vehicle electrical faults and allows us to clear fault or Trouble codes stored in the system after an accident or routine maintenance.


Inspecting and resetting the vehicle electrical system is now just as important as correctly aligning a damaged chassis. At Kilburn Crash Repairs we believe in repairing and restoring every facet of your vehicle to pre-accident condition, not just the bits you can see.

Collision Repairs

Here at Kilburn Crash Repairs we combine craftsmanship - perfected over five decades, with state of the art training and cutting edge repair equipment to provide the perfect repair, every time.

Kilburn Crash Repairs are a Full Service collision repairer. This means we can facilitate every aspect of your vehicle repairs without requiring you to lift a finger. Our workshop is equipped to handle all aspects of vehicle repairs ranging from light paint and panel panel damage through to heavy structural repairs.

With the rapid advancement of vehicle technology and manufacturing techniques, it is imperative that our technicians stay ahead of the game. Our staff undergo regular technical and professional development training by world class training providers like I-CAR. This means our staff have the experience and training to expertly repair even the most technologically advanced motor vehicles.

Our conventional body repair services are complimented by additional services to ensure all repairs are kept in-house and closely monitored for quality and reliability. our additional services include:

  • Paint-less Dent Repairs
  • Windscreen & glass replacement
  • Vehicle detailing
  • Interior trim and upholstery repairs
  • Alloy wheel repairs and reconditioning
  • Machine "cut& polishing" and paint restoration
  • Colour matching and touch-ups
  • Head lamp reconditioning for faded or hazy head lamp lenses
  • Plastic welding and plastic repairs
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Air conditioning re-gas and repairs
  • Corrosion and rust repairs

At Kilburn Crash Repairs, every repair comes with our Satisfaction Guarantee and a warranty. We’ve proudly stood behind our workmanship for 50 Years.

With Kilburn Crash Repairs you can relax, you’re in good hands


Chassis Repairs

At Kilburn Crash Repairs we believe that safety and quality should come first. That’s why we have invested in the very best chassis alignment machines. Our new Globaljig Evolution chassis machine is built to achieve precision and perfection. With world class equipment, we can provide you with a world class repair.

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